And we become FRIENDS

That moment, that very moment when you see someone so often that you start to have a huge crush on him…and you wish to get to talk to him, like normal friends, But it just doesn;t seem to be that way, you hardly get to talk to him. And you keep wishing to become friends in order to get done with the heart-melting-crush feelings.



Something quite similar happened with me, I saw this guy, had a crush on him, wanted to become friends, only friends; so that I wont have that funny feeling in my tummy when he comes around. Lucky me, we soon became friends, I even got his number. We’d have chats once in a while. And we’d talk all funny, laughing and giggling. Though he did have other friends who were far too close to him than I was, but I didnt mind that.



And we became friends, I could not believe it. It was just the right thing. Now we get to chat once in a while, I dont have to stalk him 😛  we’re actually real good friends. We had quite some decent talk-times, he’d tell me about his favorite music , tv series and movies. I’d laugh when he cracks silly jokes. We’d talk and talk. I like it this way. Everything seems fine. 


5 thoughts on “And we become FRIENDS

  1. and often you wish that THAT person stays in your life forever but it doesn’t happen. at some stage you are gonna lose him/her 😦 people have other priorities and they don’t care about how you feel about them.

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