Worst Part of Being Strong

ImageThe worst part of being strong is that no one ever asks if you are okay. 


8 thoughts on “Worst Part of Being Strong

    • Thanks for stopping by. Actually I wasnt but now I am 🙂
      But this quote was especially for someone really close to me. She’s a strong lady but when she’s strong people forget that she has a heart too & it hurts when not cared about. And then nobody really cares & she ends up being taken for-granted.

      • She has to learn that she may give to many but the people from whom she will take are not always the same people…I learned the hard way but glad I learned it. Also to grow antennas to sense “takers” and learn to say “I’ll think about it…or I’ll get back to you” always easier to say than “No”:)

  1. Even the strong have scars and shed tears which no one may ever see. Sometimes, there are no audience to applaud at the very moment one conquered a life-changing adversity…but then again, we do not live for the applause from the outside. What we live for is the for the evolution within ourselves, as we grow from one stage to a much higher state of consciousness. You know, in the power of your own strength, you will be ok. Peace and hugs 🙂

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