A Battle , A Fight — Growing Up


I was at a friend’s place. I saw a kid over there, well I actually met her. She was such a sweetheart. She would take out money from her mom’s bag to get an ice-cream when she heard the music play, she would  jump up and down the staircase even after being told not to. That made me wonder, she doesn’t care about being scolded, she doesn’t care what others think of her actions. All she knows is that she can do anything & everything that makes her happy & satisfied. She isn’t bothered about getting hurt when jumping on the staircase; she lives in that very moment, & not caring whether her next step brings her pain or gain.

But I realize, how very soon the world’s customs would take that all away from her, all her innocence. How she’d miss it all, just like I do right now. Everyone & everything would try hard to change her, mold her into something she’s not. It’ll be her fight to maintain & sustain it all. A hard battle, I call Growing Up


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